Online Tajweed Course

Tajweed is the most important step to teach before moving to the learning phase of the Quran. In tajweed, you will learn how to pronounce the letters in the Quran correctly. You will know how to take out the right sound from your mouth. Do you know that tajweed means to make it better? Therefore, you will be learning how to read the Quran with a basic understanding.


Prayers with Practical Duas

Prayers and duas hold great significance in Islam as integral aspects of worship and spiritual connection with Allah. Salah, the obligatory five daily prayers, serve as a fundamental pillar of the faith. Muslims engage in physical movements and recitations of specific verses from the Quran while facing the Kaaba in Mecca. These prayers are advised by Prophet (PBUH)

Noorani Qaida

Norani Qaida is a fundamental and widely used learning tool for beginners in Quranic recitation. It serves as a stepping stone for individuals seeking to learn the correct pronunciation and articulation of Arabic letters. Norani Qaida provides a structured approach, teaching the foundational aspects of reading the Quran, such as letter recognition, vowel marks, and basics.



Quran translation and explanation play a crucial role in helping individuals understand and derive meaning from the divine text. The Quran, written in classical Arabic, may present challenges for those who are not proficient in the language. Translations provide access to the teachings of the Quran in various languages, allowing a broader audience to engage with its message.


Are you finding the fiqh essentials courses? Then we are going to provide an in-depth look at the issues that Muslims faced in their lives years ago. In this course, you will know how the prophets spread Islam and their struggles in their lives. Moreover, you will have the concept of that era when the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) was interpreting the hadiths.

Memorize Quran Online

This course is specially designed for people that live in Western countries like USA, UK Australia or anywhere in the world. This course is online because people do not wish to travel and need to memorize Quran while enjoying the comfort of their home. Alhuda Pakistan introduced the “Quran Memorization Course”. Through this particular and personalized course,

Learn Quran Online

Alhuda Pakistan is one of the internationally leading Learning Quran and Quran Teaching institutes in the UK , USA  AUS due to its authenticity, quality of service, convenient and flexible plans and affordable fee structure. Here you can learn Quran with Tajweed by highly qualified, skilled, well-trained and extremely capable Male & Female Quran Teachers and scholars; who are committed and dedicated to broadcasting the essence of the Holy Quran.


Alhuda Pakistan is working since 2015 so we are working as pioneers. We provide an opportunity to Learn Quran by just sitting at Home in your free hours. You will just have to get admission to our Online Quran Academy and have to make a skype ID (if you already have it then no need to make it again).

Online Quran Learning for adults:

The most important thing is that Online Quran Learning not only provides services to kids, it is also for adults. You can learn Quran no matter what your age is, by the help of Online Quran Learning you can easily manage your job/home/studies with online Quran classes. It shows how much Online Quran Learning is beneficial for all of us.

International Online Quran Academy

Alhuda Pakistan is a predominant and exclusive Online Quran Teaching Academy in Multan Pakistan. We offer a minimum of one Online Quran Classes Plus Basic Islamic Teachings to all or any person ranging from the age of 4 to 70. We are not a neighborhood of any group, Islamic organization, or Masjid. We welcome all students interested in Quran learning.

Learn Online Quran: Low-Cost Source

Alhuda Pakistan is a platform that is less expensive. Especially if you are in the UK or other Non-Muslim countries, then it is very expensive to hire a teacher to Learn Quran Online.  You can hire an expert tutor to Learn Quran Online. For the purpose to learn Quran online, you just need a place without distractions and good internet connection that helps you to pay attention and you can focus on your Online Quran lessons.

Can you Learn Quran online?

The latest trend going nowadays is to learn Quran in Online Learning. Everyone asks about the effectiveness of online Quran learning over normal learning. Most of people now have an opinion that learning Quran online is a spectacular way of learning. There are some Muslims that don’t have Quran tutors near their area, so Alhuda Pakistan provides them with ease so that they can learn and get knowledge about Quran. Learning is very profitable for them to choose an Online Quran tutor without any trouble. 

Privacy and Guidance by Online Quran Learning

This is one of the greatest advantages of Learning the Quran Online. In Online Quran learning, parents have a chance to supervise and encourage their kids. This mainly tells why online Quran learning is more effective for children . Online Quran learning also provides one-to-one communication to tutors so the pupil can easily ask their questions without any hesitation. It helps the students to pay more concentration and become more passionate in Online Quran classes.

Online Quran Learning is time favorable

Nowadays people don’t have much time to visit someplace and Learn Quran. Online Quran learning allows you to keep your comfort zone and learn Quran online whenever it is easy for you. If a student can’t go to any place, then he/she can Learn Quran easily from their Online Quran classes. Moreover, in some situations, teachers are not available. But Online Quran Learning provides you, the teacher, with Quran at any time in the day.


We are offering you to learn the Quran with tajweed. Here our academy is progressing and doing its best to serve you how to learn and recite the Quran with tajweed.


Learn Translation and Tafseer of the Quran from qualified teachers. Our teachers have skills in the languages they can speak Arabic and English language.


Our Muslim brothers and sisters who are living abroad are facing problems with their kids and learning Quran Memorization or Hifz is very important so we academy is teaching online via Skype.


Our relationship with our students is very strong because our online Quran Teachers deal with our students with full sincerity. We don’t charge a hefty amount for quality education.



Complete Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer in URDU


Why is there a need to learn Quran for kids?

If you are living in any other country so you will have to face difficulty while finding a tutor for your kid. If you are living in a non-Muslim country then you must know that there are less number of Quran academy USA and Quran academy UK. Due to this reason, most of people can not teach Quran to their kids. Therefore, we have resolved your problem by offering online Quran teaching. We are offering equal opportunities for adults and kids and we have quality teachers for both. We are offering online classes for your kids and we have teachers from all countries who can teach Quran to kids living in any country. They can speak different languages so you will not need to worry about language. Due to the lack of Quran tutors, Quran learning is badly affected therefore we have provided ways of online Quran Learning.


Nowadays technology is working better in the teaching profession. Quran learning is an interaction source between teacher and student. So start to Learn Quran Arabic Classes With our academy. We have highly qualified Quran Teachers who have skills in English, Arabic and Urdu spoken. Our teachers are hafiz e Quran and they can recite Quran in an Arabic accent


By registering with our online academy you will be able to attain home-based learning & Quran Teaching opportunities. So you can learn Quran with the ease of by sitting at your home. Our Islamic  Academy has several courses that are there for you. These courses have no restricted age limit or any other limitations. Learn the Holy Quran at home Online without traveling from one destination to another. Now, you have a variety of courses to choose from.
Alhuda Pakistan has the best female Quran Teacher which will help you improve your recitation of the Holy Quran. Best female reciters helping Muslims all around the world. If you want to learn the Holy Quran, this is the best place that can guide you and help you further to select and start your desired course.


The satisfaction of our clients is our first priority. If you are not satisfied with our Tutor you can contact our customer care service. We will resolve your issues. Our customer care service is available for 24 hours and we are here to listen to your problems Now adults and kids, both can Learn Quran Online word by word Online at home without using any irrelevant course materials. Quran teachers Online by Our online Quran academy is providing the opportunity for kids and adults to learn the Holy Quran word by word at home.